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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

Score Xtra 7.mp4

Some own choice extra song material may not be available on the Trinity eBook store due to copyright and licensing restrictions. This material can be purchased instead from

Score Xtra 7.mp4


The FINIS Amnis Stream Swim headphones comes with so many extra gadgets, you really have to pay attention to the instructions that come in the box. Besides the headphones, there are two goggle clips, a charger, a mesh carrying bag and three clips that correspond to different versions of Apple and Garmin watches.

The raw sgRNA counts for the paired library and P3 samples, the calculated fold change for each sgRNA, and the phenotype score for each gene, are all provided in separate sheets. All calculations were performed as described in the STAR Methods.

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For this review, I choose x265 as the baseline and iteratively encoded four of the five test clips to find four QP values that delivered VMAF scores roughly between 80 and 90 VMAF points. Then I encoded iteratively with the other codecs to find QP values that roughly matched the x265 data rates.

With the open-source EVC codec, XEVE, I tested using command strings provided by an EVC developer from Samsung, one of the four companies contributing intellectual property to the EVC project. The open-source encoder offers four presets: fast, medium, slow, and placebo. To choose the appropriate preset, I encoded two files using the same QP values and all four presets and then measured encoding time and VMAF quality, which you see presented as a percentage of the 100% score in Figure 1.

When I reviewed the Franhaufer VVC encoder in late 2020, I tuned all encodes for VMAF processing. This time around, I didn't tune since few publishers tune for production encoding and because improvements to the VMAF metric should minimize and ultimately eliminate the differences between what looks good to the metric and what looks good to the human eye. This is a complex issue worthy of much longer discussion (see here). For the purposes of this study, note that this decision slightly decreased the scores for VVC, x264, and x265, but had little effect on the other codecs.

Testing with x265 as opposed to AV1 is significant because as an enhancement codec, LCEVC's performance is tied to the quality of the base layer codec. As expected, other than x264, x265 quality was the lowest of all tested codecs, which necessarily degraded the LCEVC scores as well. More on this during the quality analysis.

Neve is a super performance-optimized, lightweight WordPress theme that outshines almost all competitors. It delivered a 100 score in the PageSpeed Insights test (both mobile and desktop). Plus, it also produced a high 98 Pingdom grade. At just 6, its number of requests is the lowest of all the themes tested, and its page size is the second-lowest. Its loading times are also best in its class.

The premium theme comes with extra modules for typography, demos, colors, and more. We particularly like how small the original theme file size is, along with the demo files. This indicates that it will not weigh down your site or cause problems on a server.

This success in speed carries over to the PageSpeed Insights test, as we can see another almost perfect score and rapid loading times. Its TTFB test also performs exceptionally well compared to the competition.

OceanWP has a great GTmetrix performance score, but its Pingdom and PageSpeed Insight scores are lower than the competition. However, scores of 91, 88, 97 are still better than the vast majority of themes on the market, making it one of the fastest WordPress theme options.

Zakra tests revealed solid scores across the board, with the GTmetrix performance score and fully loaded time being a notable success. It takes less than 2 seconds for the first theme item to show up and become interactive. Overall, it sits in the middle of the pack in this article.

100, 97, 100, and 100 looks like a winning combination of scores, and the page size is even more impressive. Surprisingly, it scored the worst loading time in GTmetrix, but the best loading time in Pingdom.

There is, however, a Pro Version. They sell their Personal plan for $47 per year on one website. The Business Plan is listed at $67 per year, and the Pro version is $97 per year. A few extra features include auto-updates, interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tables, and portfolio widgets.

Sydney scored decently across the board, putting it on here as one of the fastest WordPress theme options. Its PageSpeed score is up there with the top performers, and the 100% GTmetrix performance score is nothing to scoff about.

Blank Canvas performed superbly in the GTmetrix test, acing almost all the metrics. However, its Structure Score was the lowest of the lot. Its Pingdom grade was 90+, but still lower than the competition. Likewise, its other scores were excellent, but nothing much to discuss.

Hestia scored a perfect 100% GTmetrix performance score. However, its Pingdom grade of 92 is a tad lower than the competition. Even its requests are on the higher side. Its PageSpeed Insights Mobile test is nothing to talk much about either.

It may help to get a visualization of the speed results. This first chart highlights all of the fastest themes on the X-Axis with comparisons of the final scores from four testing tools. Each one runs on a scale of 100.

Before i run adsense on my site it so easy to get 95 score on psi, gtmetrix or pingdom. Problem appear when we display adsense ad. Maybe you can do research which theme is best in term of speed eventhough it loaded by adsense ad.

There are five models in each category of YOLOv8 models for detection, segmentation, and classification. YOLOv8 Nano is the fastest and smallest, while YOLOv8 Extra Large (YOLOv8x) is the most accurate yet the slowest among them.

I found this thread which had a similar problem. The bug report is titled: unzip fails on 5.4GB ZIP with "extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile". One of the suggested fixes was to use this command on the .zip file. 041b061a72




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