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August Bogdanov
August Bogdanov

Watch Two And A Half Men S06E01

Among the bickering stands Red Jamie, or as his Scotsman like to refer to him, Mac Dubh. He's smart enough to keep his mouth shut, refusing to get involved in prison yard squabbles. Especially when red coats are watching.

Watch Two And a Half Men S06E01

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Uh oh. The neighborhood crime watch team, led by the horrible Richard Brown, brother to the horrendous (and deceased) Lionel Brown, is prowling the woods again. Richard laughs at Ian, claiming he mistook him for an Indian, reminding the duo that their committee exists to seek justice. One of his cronies whispers something in Richard's ear, and they are off.

Now, never in a million years would I have expected step one of the Hamlin plan to be planting (fake) cocaine in his locker at the country club, but the whole thing is just so perfect because when you think about it, Howard Hamlin is exactly the type of guy who would have a secret coke habit. Kim and Jimmy pull their Bonnie and Clyde routine, with Kim as a lookout watching Howard and Cliff Main play a round of golf while Jimmy makes his way into the club as a prospective member going on a tour. Things start to go off the rails when Kevin Wachtell sees Jimmy (now going as Saul Goodman) on a tour with the membership director.

Michelle refuses to accept a plea bargain, or to give up the fight for Patty. Casey realizes that while the law and the evidence is on the Bransons' side, the jury's feelings aren't. She seeks advice from devoted father-of-four Elliot. If Michelle is convicted she'll go to prison, which she doesn't deserve. If Michelle is acquitted, she'll keep fighting the Bransons for Patty in a battle that will never end. Elliot recounts the biblical story of King Solomon, who had to decide which of two women claiming the same child was really the mother. Solomon called for a sword, then ordered that the child be divided in two and half given to each woman. Casey says that unlike Solomon, she can't split the baby. Elliot replies that Solomon didn't have to.

The sun slowly dawns on Castle Black, as the camera take a long and drawn-out zoom all the way down to the courtyard. Jon Snow still lies, motionless, in a pool of red slush, all while the howls of Ghost begin to fill the air, that darned useless wolf having finally woken up to smell his master's corpse! Ser Davos Seaworth, awake and pondering his lost cause, leaves his quarters at the noise and finds the body of the Lord Commander. He's soon joined by Dolorous Edd and a handful of other watchmen, who take Jon's body to his office but not before Davos takes a gander at the blood angel he left behind, the wings of some other mythical creature maybe?

And Theon is indeed a man reborn once again, whatever bits he's missing, as he pulls Sansa through The Wolfswood, pursued by riders and baying hounds not far behind. They reach an ice-melt river and though Sansa is understandably scared that fording it will cause her to die of pneumonia; Theon cajoles her on with desperation. He's seen what Ramsay's bitches do to those who are helpless. After they cross, they take refuge amid the roots of an uprooted oak tree but with their pursuers closing, Theon makes the decision to die as an ironborn and confront them while Sansa makes for the Wall and Jon's, unknown to them non-existent, protection. Theon tries to bluff his captors that he disposed of "Lady Bolton" but the hounds smell that their quarry is near and the half dozen men-at-arms quickly uncover Sansa. Everything seems as if it's about to end in tears when Brienne and Podrick ride up the path and start dishing out a righteous swathe of steel. Though hard fought, Brienne dispatches three riders and even Pod and Theon manage a kill apiece while the remaining dog handler runs for the castle. Once the carnage is over, the Maid of Evenfall lays Oathkeeper at Sansa's feet, takes a knee, and once again offers her leal services to the daughter of Catelyn Stark. Somewhat haltingly, but gaining in confidence, Sansa observes her courtesies and accepts Brienne as her knight, welcoming her to rise; the two even manage a pair of tentative smiles among the barren wilderness.

He asks the guard to call his brother if he is the one to die. Tommy heads to Hotel Robert where he tells Henri the Barman (Assaad Bouab) that he has a meeting room booker. Henri claims someone broke out his window last night and pigeons got in so his wife is clearing them out. Tom agrees to wait while asking for a drink of water. As the barman pours him a drink, he tells Tommy the windows got broken because a lot of people here are drunk and angry. Half the men on the island made their money bootlegging until today. The other half fixed their boats. Tommy is shown a newspaper article about prohibition ending tonight at midnight. The barman wonders if Thomas should take his water in the hall. One of the men nearby gets up and asks for another bottle of whisky. The man asks Tommy whether he works for the whisky company so Tommy hands him a card for Shelby Company Limited International. While the man burns his business card, Thomas says he is here on private business and learned French in France.

"An event I most certainly would enjoy witnessing." says Clemens as he descends the stairs into the cavern. He holds a cigar in one hand and a revolver in the other. He then says he plans to take them all to the authorities. Data tells him it is imperative that they finish their mission. Clemens tells him to move and suspects that "even time travelers are vulnerable to the Colt .45. Let's go," he says, glancing at his pocket watch, "I don't want to be late."

They exit the turbolift and enter the science lab where La Forge has reattached Data's head to his body. He explains that Data's activating units won't initialize. Clemens is pleased to find his watch on a nearby table and La Forge says that after five hundred years it probably won't work either. Clemens goes over to Data, taps his shoulder, and apologizes for misjudging him, as he has misjudged many things. 041b061a72




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