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Castor Panfilov
Castor Panfilov

[S6E7] The Broken Man !!HOT!!

Great episode for exploring the thematics of Broken Men. Whether this is BwB or a splinter group (great having Lem Lemoncloak in there given he now has the Hounds helmet in the books) or even outright imposters, great it is hinting at the BwB being broken men despite the fact they may be rallying the smallfolk against the Freys as well?

[S6E7] The Broken Man

I think the reason they cut the broken man speech is because, in the books the speech primarily refers to common men who are the pawns of the high Lords who are busy playing their games. The show has not had time to really go into this aspect at all. So since we have never really seen the perspective of the common folk in Westeros, the speech might not have had the same impact on the show only watchers. 041b061a72




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