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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

Karyotype Analysis Software Free Download

Arranger now supports karyotype and CMA reports. Arranger is mainly used for karyotype and CMA analysis. IdeoKars works with the same principle as other karyotyping systems, where euploid chromosomes are displayed in red, and aneuploid chromosomes are displayed in green, and balanced translocations, inversions, and insertions are displayed in light blue. It is able to detect aneuploidy, rearrangement and copy number variation (i.e. deletion, duplication, and amplification) and to provide detailed karyotype figures. IdeoKar also can detect variant alleles, and can indicate more detailed variations in the output report. Here we applied the IdeoKars to a prenatal pregnancy sample.

karyotype analysis software free download

  • The recommended procedure of karyotype analysis is to observe chromosomes from metaphase in phase contrast. In this phase, the difference in the size of the chromosomes can be observed. The individuals involved in the karyotype analysis process should be well-trained. G-banding is a method in which standard chromosomes are stained with a chromogen. Therefore, metaphase chromosomes must be stained to determine the chromosomal type. There are various methods for the staining of chromosomes, including fluorochrome staining, which is suitable for fluorescence microscopy. No specific requirements are needed for the staining. Consequently, there is no requirement for a toxic chromogen. We can observe chromosomes in a phase contrast microscope. The following G-bands can be observed: A and B bands

  • C bands

  • D bands




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