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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

Download Anomaly Mod Hosting Master Rar ~REPACK~

This is one of the best must have addons I've ever downloaded out of the dozens for Anomaly! One thing I had to tweak however was enabling Duty soldiers using the Toz Bull shotgun to also drop Bull slugs on their dead bodies in the death_generic config file. For consistency too I changed a trade config so now the Duty trader sells the Bull and its ammo at the 2nd highest trading tier. The only other thing wrong is that pistol variation that npcs have is kind of neglected. high quality 45 acp weapons show up too much on many mid tier enemies, and glocks spawn way too often. Fnx 45 Tactical customs couldn't even spawn so I manually had to add those for each config. Some other pistols and many of their custom and alt sub variations are neglected as well and barely if ever show up like Colt variations for example. I spent 4 hours tweaking some things for my own personnel taste (mostly pistols). Other than those problems the enemies have a lot more fascinating and realistic diversity of weapons. The anomaly devs need to take notes more than normal from this addon. I am also using the True Barrett M82 and MP7 addon with this so I customly tweaked monolith Gauss snipers to also sometimes have M82s, and after extensive testing and messing around some parts of the game are going to be much more nightmarish than before. I'm extremely above average skill wise, and I was getting bored of npcs with crap weapons being too easy to kill but now this addon will add more challenge and depth combined with some AI tweak addons. m5spiritonfire did a really good job even if there are some kinks. Thanks for making an amazing must have addon I never know I needed!

Download Anomaly Mod Hosting master rar

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