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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

Buy Bellanest Furniture ((NEW))

The wicker furniture set with tempered glass table features the high-quality all weather wicker and exquisite weaving technique in order to stay beautiful after years of use and aims to bring you a premium satisfaction of relaxation and romantic, when you are entertaining guests or simply enjoy yourself under the wonderful scene. A compact design perfect for backyards, patios, porches, gardens and more, seat up to 2 people comfortably and lounge with family and friends or spend time unwinding after a long day.

buy bellanest furniture

Placement in many bedroom environments brings versatility. The gray-brown finish is clearly suitable for different looks from traditional casual to country casual, and the knob hardware accentuates the look of the chest-framed drawer front. The foot support plaid adds an extra touch to the transitional design of the collection. Elegant and modern, add a timeless touch to your room with this tall dresser. Classic lines are softened by bent legs, and antique tin-tone knobs add character and value to the furniture. Use a dresser to keep your room organized and optimized. 5 large drawers with plenty of space for a variety of T-shirts, ties, office supplies, or bathroom supplies.

The following information was compiled from using more than 40 years in the leather furniture industry on a manufacturer, and retail level. The owner created this list originally in 1990 to help you understand more about leather furniture brands and has kept it updated since. Everyone wants to tell you they make the best leather furniture so at times it can get confusing. We set out to be objective as possible; these are strictly our opinions. We carry many of these products and are not biased; they all have a place in the market. Most every manufacturer feels they make the best product, but realistically they fall into a certain category as compared to their peers. Many factors come into play here (climate, amount of use, size and weight of user, children, application, i.e.: residential or commercial etc.) as durability and lifespan are dictated. Warranties and sometimes prices are not always indicative to a quality product, some manufacturers over warranty then fall short on servicing. It is generally recognized that solid hardwoods for framing, springs of coil shape, like true 8 way hand tied seating, and heavy innerspring cushions will provide longer use and comfort than products built with lesser specifications. Always purchase the best that is in your budget and you should enjoy many years of use from your leather upholstery. 1 being poor, 10 being excellent; these brands are ranked on 6 different factors. (This information is copyrighted material and may not be duplicated, or linked to, without written consent. Last review.(Aug 1996-Dec.2022)

I bought bedroom furniture from Raymour & Flanigan 7 years ago. I purchased the Platinum Protection plan. Never put in a service claim until 3 weeks ago, which my protection plan was expired. They gave me a courtesy call. The gentleman came out to fix a drawer in my nightstand that would not open. He found a screw rolling around in the bottom of the stand. He said, "Here is your issue." He was able to get the drawer open, after working on it. I said I don't think the screw is the issue. He wasn't very friendly. He insisted that was the cause for my drawer not opening. He left.

In the meantime, we received our invoice and see that we were charged full price for the pillow. Store customer care person said to come to the store, they would fix the bill and also give us a new remote. When I arrived, I was greeted nicely, and the customer care folks fixed the bill. One of the managers brought me out a used remote to keep. I asked if it was a new remote, he said it was "almost new". I explained that I wanted a new remote and that I had paid for a new remote. He said when the replacement remote arrives, I could come get that one and give the used one back. This was 2 weeks ago - still waiting on a call. Hopefully they didn't sneak me an almost new mattress! Oh well, we gave them a shot in their new store. Intimately, the experience was very disappointing. I would recommend going elsewhere for furniture - they've lost me as a repeat customer.

Raymour & Flanigan is the worst place to buy furniture from. I purchased a couch for $1,000 in 2018 - when I received it the padding on the arms of the couch was very thin. I called them to come and correct the problem - when their serviceman got here he told me "couches are made of wood - feeling the wood is perfectly normal" - they did nothing. Now the material to cover the wood has peeling which is not covered under the Platinum Protection Plan. However If I spill coffee on the material they will replace it. NEVER BUY FROM RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN.

Don't go there. Shop around and if have to pay for better quality... I bought a accent chair from them and now waiting for a furniture tech to come see it. The salesperson never informed me that they had a no refund policy... That would be the first alarm going off. They do not stand by their products... Very dissatisfied with them.

We bought an expensive leather sofa (we saw one the same day at Macy's, we should have bought instead), from Raymour. Within 5 months the one cushion was going flat and the leather was buckling. I called the store (Exton, PA) and they told me they were sending the technician to re-stuff the cushion! I said that's all well and good since we are still in the warranty timeframe, but what if it happens again? They said you will have to pay for the service!! The guy comes and unzips the cushion and literally just stuffs it with fiber-fil! The kicker... He stuffed it more than the other one! I told customer service that this was ridiculous for such an expensive sofa and the woman argued with me. So much for the customer is always right! She didn't seem surprised that the furniture was sub-par. Bottom line, we are stuck with this defective, cheaply made sofa. We will never shop there again!!

Called again today Monday, March 4th and once again explained the situation. Representative said person who contacted me was not in but referred to another rep who would review photos. No one has returned calls! I have purchased many items from Raymour in the past - no problems with furniture nor with the platinum plan for repairs. I am so disgusted and I need some help from a SUPERVISOR!!

In May 2018 my husband and I purchased all of our furniture for our new home through Raymour & Flanigan. 9 months later, our dining room set's finish began to wear off. As this furniture was not cheap, we were very disappointed and are anticipating the other chairs and our matching server to soon have the same issue. As it was under warranty, we called to have the furniture exchanged. Upon reading recent reviews of the same dining set, there were several other customers with the same issue.

Well, I called today and now the manager is trying to say I NEVER told them the base was damaged, even though a tech was here who took pics and I had emailed some as well. Oh, and the manager tried to argue with me saying that what I was saying was not true throughout the entire phone call. Also, We were referred back to the "Randolph customer care" each time we called (over 5x) who NEVER answers - it's literally a merry-go-round circus. I guess the customer ISN'T always right at Raymour & Flanigan. Next time, I will purchase quality furniture from a company who cares about customer satisfaction.

If I could give less than one star I would! This store and this company have been absolutely awful to my husband and I! We purchased the overpriced platinum plan but when we tried to use it to replace damaged furniture it turns out the $200 plan is a total scam!! After fighting for a week to get someone to speak to me about the plan, I was finally able, after much arguing, to get a partial credit. When we choose a new item we were then informed we can't use the credit to buy it!! The brick store said we can only use the credit for in stock/floor stock items- none of which matched the small room we were trying to shop for. I am very disappointed and I hope that our terrible experience can help others- don't buy from Raymour!!!

This store sells very cheaply built, faux furniture and charges top $$. I spent over $5k to furnish a living room and dining room. I purchased top tier warranty plan and had serious issues from chairs falling apart to leather fading and mechanical issues with recliners. These incidents occurred regularly and even after a replacement the product was still junk. The delivery guys were extremely rude and customer service would not honor my repair request. I highly recommend A REAL furniture store if quality is important to you. If not save your money and get IKEA, Ashley or Walmart furniture because the quality will be better or equal to this company's original products and they will protect your investment without a bogus "Platinum Warranty". I would not ever recommend Raymour & Flanigan to anyone, ever.

I am highly disappointed on the platinum coverage with Raymour & Flannigan. My husband and I opted for the platinum package to have a peace of mind on the investment we made 3 years ago. Not knowing the coverage or warranty is all a scam and a waste of money. I am extremely dissatisfied with the quality of Raymour's leather pieces for the price I paid the Leather set should have lasted more than 3 years in great shape. The color on all 3 leather pieces is fading, chipping, peeling just horrible and unacceptable from the reputable Raymour & Flannigan furniture store.

After all the money my spouse spent on the leather living room set and the platinum coverage now I have to get all of it replaced within 3 years of purchase. This is very unfair and Raymour should send someone out to take a look at the condition of my furniture and reimburse or give me credit to replace my purchase under the platinum coverage plan. All the customers should know that Raymour & Flanigan does not have the best leather furniture out there. People don't be fooled by the name of the furniture store and waste your money on buying from them. They do not stand behind their name and coverage policy. This is totally unacceptable. 041b061a72




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