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Castor Panfilov
Castor Panfilov

Space Modeling With SolidWorks And NX

If we wanted to, we could actually take it even further. Reducing the number of external faces and edges a model has (by filling the hollow interior with a solid and removing text) would decrease the file size even more. However, this would be a much more involved modeling process and the return on your time investment would be minimal.

Space Modeling with SolidWorks and NX


As a popular mechanical design software with a large community of users, employers are frequently seeking job seekers with SolidWorks experience. This 3D modeling CAD software is used heavily in the mechanical engineering and design industries. It is the industry standard for product development.

Use generative engineering to explore and optimize the design against multiple different objects. The design space explorer integrates Simcenter HEEDS for multi-objective parameter optimization. Drive increased design efficiencies through CAD-Simulation integration. You can create a study to define the optimization problem with all parameters, constraints, and objectives with this tool allowing the power to go into the hands of the designer rather than the specialist simulation groups. Please take a look below for a demonstration on this functionality!

It's a very modern take on MBD with advanced concepts like tolerancing and measurement features, support for assembly-level PMI, and more. Highly prized in the metrology and quality departments. It's gained traction within aerospace & defense for advanced MBD/MBE workflows.

IMPORT maps all assembly structures to blocks and block references. Each individual part in an input NX file is mapped to a block, which in turn is referenced from model space. Assemblies are formed by nesting "part" blocks. The name of the block is the same as the name of the corresponding part or assembly in the NX file. If a part or assembly name contains unsupported characters, in the corresponding block they are replaced by the underscore (_) character. If a part or assembly name is longer than the maximum block name length, the name is truncated. If this results in identically named blocks, a unique name is assigned to one of the blocks by appending the dollar character ($) to its name, along with a unique number. The original name is preserved in the block description. 041b061a72




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