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Jesús César Rivas
Jesús César Rivas

Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B

Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B

Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B is a software solution for structural analysis and planning developed by FRILO, a Nemetschek Group company. FRILO is a leading provider of software solutions for structural engineers in the German market and has more than 40 years of experience in this field. FRILO offers 142 customised programs that cover the precise, component-oriented verification for numerous types of structures. FRILO software supports users in efficiently calculating the load-bearing capacity and stability of building structures. FRILO software is based on the philosophy of traditional structural analysis, which reduces the modelling effort and enables particularly simple and precise verification. FRILO software is also compatible with open standards (Open BIM) and can exchange building data with CAD and other structural analysis software.

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Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B is part of the FRILO Business Suite, a complete software solution for all of the engineering and design departments of the Nemetschek Group. The FRILO Business Suite was launched by Prof. Dr. Georg Nemetschek on 01.05.2020 and is designed to meet the needs of the construction business. The FRILO Business Suite integrates the classical FRILO product portfolio with the Nemetschek Business Suite in the other business fields of the Nemetschek Group. The FRILO Business Suite offers a range of functions that cover the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects, from design to construction to management. The FRILO Business Suite also enables users to shape the world with digital transformation and sustainability.

Some of the features of Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B are:

  • FBC FRILO BIM-Connector: A solution for a smooth exchange of building data between CAD and structural analysis software.

  • GEO Building Model: A structural analysis program for the determination of the load transfer of an entire typical building in solid construction.

  • DLT+ Continuous Beam: A structural analysis program for the calculation of continuous beams made of steel, concrete or timber.

Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B is a powerful and user-friendly software solution that can help structural engineers to achieve faster results, higher quality and lower costs in their projects. Nemetschek Frilo R20111SL2B is available for download from [], [] or [].




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