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August Bogdanov
August Bogdanov

Bentley SewerGEMS V8i SELECTSeries 3 08110384 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

sewergems is a widely-used modeling application we use at toowoomba regional council in australia. were a large environment and a large agency and the opportunity to use new technologies and new modeling applications is important to us, he said. the new functionality weve incorporated in this release is not only useful for toowoomba, but as a result, could make a very big impact in other areas.

Bentley SewerGEMS V8i SELECTSeries 3 08110384

the new release of the bentley sewer v8i also incorporates the widely-used bentley openroads v4.2. this allows users to open.dgn files, and generates the sewer routing for a model in less than half the time it takes to do a hand-made drawing. this feature also allows users to easily transport models from one project to another.

the latest release of sewergems also enhances the display of surfaces, which has resulted in more accuracy and less detail. using the latest bentley openroads v4.2, users can drill-down to produce the complete street, curb, and landscape plan for a drainage system, bringing more focus to those features requiring particular attention.

with these new facilities, users can: 1) construct complete pipe networks using one of the 15 different designs; 2) generate a set of design recommendations for enhancements or replacements for existing networks based on their design needs; 3) conduct comparisons between different design scenarios using short term event real-time based systems; 4) create a long term continuous simulation.

some of the design enhancements users can now make include: 1) predicting odor and hydrogen sulfide formation; 2) evaluating alternate pipe designs for increased capacity or efficiency; 3) estimating cost for different pipe replacement options; 4) calculating risk and risk reduction as a function of pipe capacity and future demand.




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