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Jesús César Rivas
Jesús César Rivas

E2esoft Vcam

e2esoft vcam - A Webcam Emulator for Your PC

Do you want to use your webcam in multiple applications at the same time? Do you want to add cool effects and overlays to your webcam video? Do you want to use your desktop screen, images, videos, or even your mobile phone as your webcam source? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in e2esoft vcam, a webcam emulator for your PC.

e2esoft vcam

What is e2esoft vcam

e2esoft vcam is a software that emulates a webcam in your system and works like a real one. It can be used in most of the applications that use webcam, such as IM software, video broadcasting, video conferencing, video teaching, remote education, video chatting, etc. You can use it to set images, animations, video clips, flash movies, DVD video, web-stream, mobile phone video and even your desktop screen as the video of your webcam. You can also add image/video/text overlay or cool video special effects to your webcam video. You can also split up your webcam, DV, digital cameras into multi-stream easily. e2esoft vcam is based on DirectShow, which means it supports more media formats and has higher performance. It also has a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages. You can download e2esoft vcam from [here].

What are the main features of e2esoft vcam

Some of the main features of e2esoft vcam are:

  • A WDM driver, supports all the VFW and DirectShow applications;

  • Support multi-stream output, with different resolutions in good quality;

  • High performance algorithm, low CPU usage;

  • Play list support, user-defined program management, flexible configuration;

  • Support Image, video file and video capture device transparent overlay;

  • Many cool video special effects support;

  • Screen capture, support hotkey, zoom, full screen capture and using custom cursor;

  • Camera default image support, default resolution adjustable;

  • Enable/Disable/Install/Uninstall the virtual camera driver in the application;

  • Easy to use, skin, color scheme support;

  • Multi-language support;

  • Professional and easy-to-use setup program;

  • Automatically check for new version and get latest news of e2esoft vcam.

How to use e2esoft vcam

To use e2esoft vcam, you need to install it on your PC first. After installation, you can launch it from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut. You will see the main window of e2esoft vcam as shown below:

In the main window, you can see the preview of your virtual webcam and the settings panel on the right side. You can adjust the settings according to your preferences and needs. For example, you can choose the source of your virtual webcam from the drop-down list at the top. You can select from images, videos, flash movies, DVD video, web-streams, mobile phone video or desktop screen. You can also add overlay effects such as text, image or video on top of your virtual webcam. You can also apply some cool video effects such as blur, mosaic, mirror or color adjustment. You can also change the resolution and frame rate of your virtual webcam output. You can also enable or disable audio output. You can also save your settings as a program and load it later. You can also switch between different programs by using the buttons at the bottom. You can also access more options from the menu bar at the top.

After you have configured your virtual webcam, you can use it in any application that supports webcam, such as Skype, Zoom, OBS, etc. You just need to select e2esoft vcam as your webcam device in the application settings. You can also use multiple instances of e2esoft vcam to create different virtual webcams for different applications. You can also use e2esoft vcam with your real webcam to enhance its features. For example, you can use e2esoft vcam to add overlay or effects to your real webcam video. You can also use e2esoft vcam to split your real webcam into multiple streams for different applications.


e2esoft vcam is a powerful and versatile webcam emulator for your PC. It can help you create virtual webcams with various sources and effects. It can also help you use your webcam in multiple applications at the same time. It is easy to use and has a lot of features to offer. If you are looking for a webcam emulator for your PC, you should give e2esoft vcam a try.


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