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Vundabar - Alien Blues

It makes sense to me that many young people identify with this. I wrote and recorded it when I was about 18. This song is just about feeling alienated, it sounds like a crisis. Being a teenager is weird, and being at a time when people need a release and need to let off steam, this song has it.

Vundabar - Alien Blues

"Alien Blues" by Vundabar is a song about feeling like an outsider. The protagonist worries that they measure up to other people's standards, talking to dogs instead of humans and feeling slight discomfort with the way they look. They are also looking for an escape from the feeling of being alienated and like they don't belong. The chorus of the song expresses this feeling with a repeating "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na," which works to capture the feeling of alienation. Ultimately, this song serves as a reminder to embrace differences and not to feel isolated due to those differences. 041b061a72

  • グループについて


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