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How To Watch Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf Online For Free

Download Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf Full Movie in HD Quality

If you are a fan of monster movies, you might be interested in downloading Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, the third and final installment in the Sharktopus franchise. This movie premiered on Syfy on July 19, 2015 and features a showdown between two genetically engineered creatures: a shark-octopus hybrid and a whale-wolf hybrid.

How to Watch Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf Online for Free


In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the plot, the cast, and the reviews of Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. We will also provide you with some reliable and safe links to download the full movie in HD quality.

Plot Summary

The movie follows the adventures of Ray (Casper Van Dien), an alcoholic boat captain who is hired by a voodoo priest named Tiny (Tony Almont) to obtain the heart of the Sharktopus, a creature that escaped from a military experiment and is still roaming the waters of the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Dr. Reinhart (Catherine Oxenberg), a mad scientist who studied with the creators of the Sharktopus, mixes the genes of a killer whale and a wolf to create the Whalewolf, a beast that terrorizes the city. The two monsters eventually clash in an epic battle that only one can survive.

Cast and Crew

Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf is directed by Kevin ONeill, who also directed Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, the second movie in the series. The screenplay is written by Matt Yamashita, who also wrote Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark and Atlantic Rim: Resurrection. The movie is produced by Roger Corman and Julie Corman, who are known for their low-budget B-movies.

The movie stars Casper Van Dien as Ray, Catherine Oxenberg as Dr. Reinhart, Akari Endo as Officer Nita Morales, Jorge Eduardo de los Santos as Pablo, Jennifer Wenger as Betty, Tony Almont as Tiny, and Mario Arturo Hernandez as Felix Rosa.


Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf is not a movie that aims for realism or quality. It is a movie that embraces its absurdity and campiness and delivers a fun and entertaining experience for fans of cheesy monster movies. The movie has a rating of 3.2 out of 10 on IMDb and 20% on Rotten Tomatoes . Some of the positive reviews praise the movie for its humor, action, and special effects, while some of the negative reviews criticize the movie for its poor acting, writing, and logic.

Here are some examples of reviews from IMDb :

This was one of those movies that was so bad it was good. The acting was terrible, the plot was ridiculous, and the effects were laughable. But it was also hilarious, fun, and entertaining.

This movie is an insult to anyone with half a brain. The characters are stupid, the dialogue is cringeworthy, and the science is nonsensical. The monsters look like they were made by a five-year-old with crayons.

Download Links

If you want to watch Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf online for free or download it to your device, you need to be careful about the sources you use. Some websites may contain viruses, malware, or other harmful content that can damage your device or compromise your privacy.

We recommend using only trusted and legal websites that offer high-quality streaming or downloading options for Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf. Here are some of them:

  • Freevee: This website allows you to watch Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf online for free without registration or ads. You can also download it to your device with a premium account.

Amazon Prime Video: This website allows you to rent or 04f6b60f66



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