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Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals Of Superscalar Processors John Paul Shen

With the emergence of superscalar processors, phenomenal performance increases are being achieved via the exploitation of instruction-level parallelism (ILP). Software tools for aiding the design and validation of complex superscalar processors are being developed. These tools, such as VMW (Visualization-Based Microarchitecture Workbench), facilitate the rigorous specification and validation of microarchitectures.

Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors John Paul Shen


Microarchitecture and code transformation techniques for effective exploitation of ILP are being studied. Synergistic combinations of static (compile-time software) and dynamic (run-time hardware) mechanisms are being explored. Going beyond a single instruction stream is necessary to achieve effective use of wide superscalar machines, as well as tightly coupled small-scale multiprocessors. 350c69d7ab



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