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August Bogdanov
August Bogdanov

Body Of Lies Subtitles 720p Projector

On an individual level there are two issues of practicality and technology in trying to watch Branca de Neve: the majority of the film, compromises a pure black image, bookended and interstitial with a few images, a canvas onto which a \u2018radio-play\u2019 of Robert Walser\u2019s Branca de Neve \u2014 an anti-fairy tale version of Snow White \u2014 plays out. For those not fluent in Portuguese this results in a compromised experienced, not only is the black screen ruptured by the basically constant white of subtitles. But a purely auditory experience becomes one that is split between reading and listening. Famously Jean Marie Straub and Dani\u00E8le Huillet sought to, not bypass, but draw attention to this dilemma by occasionally allowing some passages to go by untranslated, stressing that likewise to read and not hear is an as important loss; that the auditory sensation of the spoken word can be meaningful and political beyond translation. A second issue is purely a visual, technological one. A celluloid black image can not be emulated by a digital screen, even less so outside of a dcp projector. I watched the film on my laptop; the TV in my household simply unable to render anything close to actual black, instead opting for a very dark brown with a constant shifting of digital artifacting. A 35mm copy of the film with english subtitles seems to exist. If it is possible and safe to I would very much like to try and program it.

body of lies subtitles 720p projector





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