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Chariton Stepanov
Chariton Stepanov

[S2E9] Riding For A Fall

In their dream-world adventures, Bingo and Floppy find the planet Uranus. Bingo feels it soft and cuddly, and lies on it like a bed, pulling the planet's surface beside her like a blanket. In truth, she ends up in her parents' room between Bluey and Bandit, and her lying and tugging on the blanket, taking Bluey and Bandit's share of it. So begins a tug-of-war between the freezing Bluey and Bandit as they pull the blanket for themselves and in process tosses and turns Bingo around. Bingo, however, feels overjoyed in her dream, as if the planet's surface rises and falls, rolling herself around as a laughing little fellow. Eventually the Blue Heelers pull the blanket simultaneously, launching Bingo in the air.

[S2E9] Riding For A Fall

Yet just as all that Bingo feels is feelings of sadness of loss, she turns around and finds an unusually uplifting sight: a comet riding at supersonic speed, carrying Bingo in a beeline to the Sun. As she jumps off the comet and lands on the closest planet to it, Mercury, she bears witness to another magnificent sight. She sees the Sun itself and all its greatness and warmth; as warm as the hug of her mother who came all the way from her sister's bed. In the midst of the comfort, though, Bingo looks back on her shattered Earth. She says to the Sun, "I have to go, I'm a big girl now." The Sun replies, in the sound of her loving mother, "Remember I'll always be her for you, even if you can't see me. Because I love you." Bingo is once again filled with joy, worthy of a small tail wag. At the same time, Chilli tucks her Red Heeler daughter again, smiling in solace, as she walks back to her own bedroom.

The doctor asks to see the other cosmonaut, so he is brought to his fallen colleague, who had been burnt severely. The American astronauts offer to help carry him, but Tsukanov tells them that they would not touch him, while his voice cracked.

In a flashback at school, the classes are dismissed, and Buster and Francine ask Arthur if he wants to go bike riding, but he turns down the offer because he has to take the bus to the public pool for swimming lessons. His mom couldn't drive him because she attended D.W's school play, where D.W. played the mashed potatoes in the pageant of foods. Francine and Buster stare at Arthur in horror, but Arthur says taking the bus will be fine. They then tell him stuff about the bus that terrifies Arthur. Buster claims he heard a story of a man who got on a bus, that just kept continuously going. In one of Arthur's daydreams, he thinks he's on the same bus and asks the bus driver when the next stop is, saying that he is supposed to be at his swimming lesson. The driver tells him they don't make any stops, and Arthur says that's impossible. Everyone on the bus turns into aliens, while the bus transforms into a spaceship and flies off. Francine says she heard that story, and that it was actually in a movie. She agrees with Arthur, saying he will be fine, but warns him about a kid who couldn't leave the bus because he didn't have the money to pay his fare. In another daydream, Arthur imagines being stuck on the bus when he is at least 48 years old and his clothes are wrecked. The bus arrives, and Buster and Francine give their last goodbyes before it leaves. As Arthur takes a seat, a woman in one row of seats down winks at him, and Arthur began to read a book about squids. He begins to get exhausted and falls asleep, sleeping through the bus pulling in at the bus stop across the street from the public pool- the one that Arthur was to get off at.

Heartland airs in Canada on CBC at 7 pm (7:30 pm in Newfoundland) on Sundays. The series also airs in the United States on the UpTV and formerly on the defunct Light TV digital broadcast network. It is also distributed online on Netflix internationally (excluding Canada). The series previously also aired on The CW before being transferred solely to UP by 2010. The show became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history on October 19, 2014, when it surpassed the previous 124-episode record set by Street Legal.[1][2] As of February 5, 2023,[update] 249 episodes of Heartland have aired, concluding the sixteenth season. The fourteenth season premiered in Canada on January 10, 2021, and airing later in the United States on UP's UP Faith and Family streaming service on May 6, 2021 and premiered on linear Up TV starting July 8, 2021 as part of the summer Thursday night programming schedule. The fifteenth season premiered on Up Faith & Family starting in March 17, 2022 and premiered later on Up TV on May 19. The show was renewed for a 15-episode 16th season on June 1, 2022 and started production on the same day. It is set to debut in the fall in Canada and will later in spring 2023 on Up Faith and Family and in the summer on the main Up TV channel in the US.

When Tim arrives for lunch he brings a horse, Payback, for Amy to work with. He asks Amy about Spartan and her jumping. Lou tries to talk to Tim about her new idea for a corporate equine retreat which Tim likes. Then he changes conversation to continue to ask Amy about jumping. After dinner they head to the arena to see Amy jump, when they talk about Marion he goads Lou into jumping. When she does it she walks off and Amy explains she's scared. He tries to talk to Lou but she doesn't want to. When they return to Heartland Tim sees the cow Ty found and tied up with Payback to help his fear of cows. He comes back a few days later to see the progress with the horse. He ells Amy to ride him and pushes her until she ends up falling off. He rushes to her as does Lou who berates him for always pushing people to impress him, she finally admits to him that she got scared of horses after his accident. (Thicker Than Water) Tim bumps into Lou in Maggie's and apologizes. She tells him that she has been offered an interview in New York. After Jack ends up in hospital, he arrives to comfort Amy and Lou. He later offers Lou the money they need for the repairs on the barn as Jack wakes up and tells him he can't buy his way back into the family. As they're leaving the hospital with Jack he sees Wes and remembers what happened. Tim helps catch him and he ends up getting arrested. (Rising from Ashes) Tim arrives at Heartland to see Amy, he apologizes for not making the Hudson Show. He gives her Marion's schooling ring on a chain, she had given it to him when he went on the rodeo circuit for good luck. He goes to the Fall Finale just in time to see Amy win. he then goes to the ranch for the party, he's pretty happy when Jack lets him in. (Coming Together)

Tim interrupts Lou and Mark at Maggie's complaining about the paperwork for his cattle. Mark tries to convince him that it's important in case his cows get stolen it makes them easier to trace, not convincing Tim. Tim sees Caleb out riding the fence and offers him a job watching his cattle. Tim and Jack attend a ranchers meeting at Maggie's. Mark tells them all that they need to work together since they haven't got the man power at the RCMP. He ensures them never to get in between a rustler and their cattle. Tim isn't happy with any of Mark's suggestions and keeps interrupting. Mark tells them if something happens to call the hotline. After the meeting, Jack talks to Tim, he's worried about Ty and Caleb getting caught with the rustlers. He goes to Heartland to see Amy, she's annoyed that he's taken Caleb and Ty away from their work at the ranch. She admits she's upset that Tim moved in next door and still doesn't know what's going on in her life. Jack meets Tim, after Ashley tells him about the truck she's found, Jack worries about he boys and Tim about his cows. They head to Big River and attempt to intercept the rustlers. They all point guns at each other. When Amy runs across the field to get to Tim, one of the rustlers aims his gun at her, Tim jumps in front of her taking the bullet. (Showdown!) Tim is happy at Heartland ringing his bell to be waited on from his bed. He's surprised when Callie arrives, he tells her that he lost 60 head and she tells him that she's confused because everyone's acting like he didn't tell them about her. He suggests she stay at the Dude Ranch for the night but Lou doesn't think it's a good idea. Tim misinterprets that Lou is giving Callie her room for the night. He rings his bell again the next day, and Lou suggests he walk to the kitchen himself. She asks about Callie and he says nothing is going on, he asks about Amy because he hasn't seen her for days. Tim calls Jack in and thanks him for letting him stay at Heartland, he tells him that he's moving back to Big River with Callie. Callie and Tim argue when she finds out that he's never told anyone about them and leaves. Amy finally goes to talk to Tim and tells him to call Callie since she makes him happy. She admits that she feels guilty and blames herself for him getting hurt, he tells her not to blame herself. He calls Callie to apologize and she comes back to make up. (True Enough)

When Tim runs into Lou at Maggie's she persuades him to come to the meeting to help fight against Bedford Oil. He goes by Heartland to give Lou advice before her meeting. He tells her that the oil rigs saved his life and if he had oil now he would sell since his cattle have been stolen. Lou becomes furious that it's all about money for him. Tim attends the meeting and is inspired by Lou's speech. He leads the local ranchers and organizes a truck road block to stop Bedford Oil getting through. (Seismic Shifts) When Lou tells Tim and Jack about Mrs. Bell and that she thought they were talking about the Hudson Derby, Tim and Jack reminisce about he derby and argue about what happened. Tim finds Jack out in the field and tells him he won fairly, Jack is adamant he cheated and they continue arguing. Tim meets Amy in Maggie's and recruits her help to train his horse before the race, due to his shoulder still hurting. On the day of the race, Amy checks that Tim's OK to race and he says he is he wants a pep talk, Amy gives him some good advice - go fast. At the first mile Tim's in lose second, at halfway he starts to fall behind. He falls off his horse in front of Jack who stops when he sees he's in pain. Tim asks for his help to get a leg up and when he does and takes advantage to get ahead of Jack. Going into the final stretch Tim and Jack are neck and neck with Scott following close behind. Scott manages to get the lead and Jack and Tim come joint second. Despite the ruling Tim and Jack continue to argue about who is the real second place. Tim later, goes to find Jack and offers to bury the hatchet. Jack admits that he never liked him or cared for him until Marion brought him home then he though of him as a son and was proud every time he won a buckle, until he broke her heart and ruined it. (Dark Horse) 041b061a72




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